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MLBits: Jeter/Bush Deal for Marlins Not a Sure Thing, Mets are a Mess, Soler Stuck in Triple-A, More

The Marlins' ownership situation is murkier than we thought, and the Mets' health situation is even murkier.

Chicago Cubs Lineup: Kyle Schwarber, Designated Hitter

The Cubs head to Boston with an extra bat in tow.

Chicago Cubs Lineup: Schwarber at DH as Cubs Look Like Monsters in Boston

It's been almost *takes hands from keyboard to count on fingers* six months since the Cubs were able

Anthony Rizzo’s Developmental Path, and a Thanks to the 2013 Chicago Cubs

It's a good thing the Cubs stuck with this guy, eh?

Series Preview: Cubs at Red Sox, April 28 – April 30, 2017

The New Epsteins face the Old Epsteins! Something like that.

Quantifying Hope: Cubs on Pace for 90+ Wins, Have MLB’s Highest Playoff Odds

If you're focused on the Cubs' latest loss and the fact that it puts them at 2-4 against the Pirates

Willson Contreras Throw From Knees + Javy Baez Tag = Tide You Over

Contreras has gunned down the third most runners in baseball so far this year.

Cubs at Red Sox – Series Preview (Apr 28-30): TV and Game Info, Pitching Matchups, Insights

So far, this road trip has been fantastic. The Cubs' record on the swing is 6-3, and they travel to

Report: Yes, the Kris Bryant Service Time Grievance is Still Pending

In case you'd forgotten or thought it went away, the question of Kris Bryant's free agency still looms.

BIF: Oakland A’s Pitcher Pulls Off an Unassisted Double Play With TWO Tags

Just how does one pull that off?


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