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Cubs’ 8-man bullpen looks increasingly like key to repeat effort

April 20th, 2017 at 8:24 PM
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Just before the season began, Cubs right-hander Carl Edwards Jr. said his goal this year was make the All-Star team.

It may have sounded like a bold suggestion coming from a relief pitcher who doesn’t have a defined role, much less the closer job.

It may even have seemed laughable to some on the outside, especially considering the skinny power pitcher is in his first full big-league season.

But, he said, “You never know.”

Carl Edwards Jr., the day after returning from bereavement leave (because of a death in the family), finishing his sixth scoreless appearance of the season Tuesday night.

It’s hard to know much of anything about a baseball team 15 games into a season.

But as the Cubs open a long road trip Friday night in Cincinnati, the early returns suggest Edwards’ goal is at least not laughable. In fact, he is quickly becoming the key man in what’s looking more and more like the key unit for these Cubs every day they play another close game into the late innings.

The Cubs have won four of their first five series this season, the only lost series coming in a three-game sweep by the Pirates last weekend.

For all the hand wringing over the lack of early domination and the 4-5 just-concluded homestand, consider the Cubs led …

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