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Cubs Land Two College Righties in the First Round of Baseball America’s Mock Draft

April 20th, 2017 at 4:26 PM
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When you think about a professional draft this time of year, you’re probably going to think about the NFL Draft, which is just one week away (obligatory plug for The Ten-Yard Line’s look at the latest NFL mock drafts).

The MLB Draft, by contrast, is still more thanĀ a month and a half away.


Then again, that seems sufficiently close to start thinking about how things might shake out. And this year, unlike last year, the Cubs have a first round pick again! Two of them, actually! The Cubs will pick 27th and 30th overall when the draft begins June 12, and Baseball America just unveiled a mock draft that goes through pick 30.

(An obligatory word about baseball mock drafts: because the variance in player evaluation is enormous in baseball (generally due to the distance from the big leagues, the mix of high school and college talent, and the huge draft pool), accurately predicting specific picks to specific teams at almost any point in the first round is challenging, to say the least. For the …

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