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Cubs Off-Day Check-In: Not Their Best Stretch, But Not the End of the World Either

April 20th, 2017 at 11:13 PM
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Whew. (x2)

Those last two wins over the Milwaukee Brewers sure saved the day today, because there is almost nothing worse than an off-day following a loss. And can you imagine how down you’d be if the Cubs were just swept by the Brewers and Pirates in back-to-back series heading into today? It almost happened.


Our last check-in came nine days ago (April 11), and, since then, well, the Cubs weren’t their best (even if it could’ve been worse!). So let’s dive back in and see where their record, playoff odds, and a variety of offensive and pitching statistics stand within the division, the league, and all of baseball.

Since that last check-in, the Cubs have gone 3-5 against the Dodgers (1-0), Pirates (0-3), and Brewers (2-1) and dropped down to second place of the NL Central. Here are the standings as of the start of play today:

  1. Cincinnati Reds: 9-6 (.600)
  2. Chicago Cubs: 8-7 (.533)
  3. Milwaukee Brewers: 8-8 (.500)
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates: 6-9 (.400)
  5. St. Louis Cardinals: 6-9 (.400)

The Reds are leading the division, but with the Cubs latest two come-from-behind wins, and the Cardinals’ three wins in a row, I don’t think the division will look upside down for too much longer.

The Cubs’ winning percentage today (.533) is a worse than last time (.714), but that amount of variation is expected this early in the season. If they continued at this pace for the rest of the year, though, they’d win just 86 games (oh no!). Still, only nine teams in MLB have a better winning percentage at this point in the year.

Since April 11, the Cubs’ run differential (+6) has dropped by four runs and out of the top five in MLB. They snuck their way into the back end of the top ten, however, so all is not lost.

  1. New York Yankees: +28
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers: +22
  3. Cincinnati Reds: +19
  4. Arizona Diamondbacks: +15
  5. Minnesota Twins: +14


  1. Chicago Cubs: +6


The Cubs may have fallen back a bit, but they are still just one of just fourteen teams with a positive run differential so far this season. As for the rest of the division, the Brewers (+5) are one of the fourteen teams in the black, but the Pirates (-14), and Cardinals (-19) all both well below zero. The Cardinals, by the way, still have the second worst run differential in all of baseball.

The Cubs’ pitching staff has had a rough-ish week. …

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